How to Balance Working a Job and Building an Internet Business?

Yes, I do work a lovely job.

But, no it’s not an 9-5 because I have the ability to work from home and have control over my schedule so my post won’t be as many balanceothers might think it is but I have some lessons that I’ve learned over the last couple of years of growing an internet business and working a job and not having anything drop, slop or fall apart.

You see I work for an awesome company here in Chicago and we provide some great services and tools to other B2B companies. I won’t drop the name because I don’t want my blog posts messing up the SEO efforts of my working. It’s like I’m slapping my own blog in the face with my work blog and I’m not going to do that at all.


But, I started working at this company about over three months ago and so far I’ve enjoyed the company a lot. I enjoy working closely with our CEO and the atmosphere is good for me since I get to just focus on what I love doing which is digital marketing. I do get compensated quite well and I have the money to pay all of my bills easily each month and have a lot left over. Even with my small family I can honestly say we’re doing just fine.

That still doesn’t take me away from wanting to build an internet business. I don’t think I’m going to get fired, I’m not going against any terms and rules and I’m not trying to save for a rainy day. I just enjoy building an internet business and having multiple sources of income coming in. I looked at building an internet business five years ago and even though I didn’t know much at the time I still kept with it and continued to grow and build my business. I even got more specific and focused on the network marketing industry because I enjoyed it the most.

But it was difficult because I worked a job and was trying to build an internet business.

I figured out the solution in about three small steps though and here they are:

  1. Focus on three areas of your internet business and make it simple to do them every day. I know their products out there showing you thousands of ways to get traffic and build a business online but as I tell anyone screw that and focus your attention on just three areas and those should be learning traffic (preferred paid traffic), building your blog and learning how to convert higher backend sales. Focusing on those three areas are going to help you a lot more easily than any other business strategy or technique out there.
  2. Condense your work load into 3-4 hours per day and nothing more. You’re building an internet business not a Subway. You should be focusing on condensing your time into about 4 hours per day to grow your business. One hour for building traffic, one hour for blogging, one hour for engaging existing customer and one hour of reading. That’s it and move on. You don’t need to be on your computer all day and if you are then get off now and go grab yourself some wine or beer. Hand me a beer while you’re at it.
  3. Attend one event every 90 days. Most events are on the weekends so if you’re working a 9-5 it should be easy to go. The reason why I’m saying go to events because it will grow your business 6X faster than you just going from one webinar to another. Or one product to another. Find yourself an event to go to within your industry and just go to learn and network be around the people that are doing the same exact thing that you’re doing right now. It’s going to make you feel better about yourself.

It took me about four years to realize how easy it is to balance working a job and building an internet business. You don’t hear about this side of the story a lot because most people have quit their jobs already, the top people in the industries make jokes towards people that work jobs or people are scared to say they’re working a job and trying to build a business. I will tell you this.

I work a job and I love it and I will work there until it’s my time to go. I have no time limit on it and I would stay there. Yes, I’m building an internet business and I love it to death. I enjoy learning new things and making more money so I can get out of debt quicker, buy a home for my family and attend more events throughout the year and buy my Barbie dolls for my princesses and cigars for me.

Learn now how to balance those two areas and you’re going to grow both at your job and your internet business.

If you want to see the internet business I’ve been building for 18 months now then check it out here!


Hi Justice, 

I just stumble upon your blog today. I'm like you, I have a regular job and I'm trying to build an internet business outside my work. I'm happy to know similar story :)